It has a wide range of applications in electric power and power supply systems. Its advantages are shown in:
1. Stainless steel cable tie products are not restricted by the shape and size of the object to be tied;
2. The simple buckle structure simplifies the complexity of traditional hoop;
3. Good fastening performance ensures the safety of the tied objects;
4. Stainless steel cable ties are anti-corrosive and high-temperature resistant materials to ensure the beautiful environment and fire protection requirements;

Application of stainless steel cable ties in the automotive industry:
1. Insulation panels for automobile exhaust pipes. The use of cable ties instead of the traditional welding method avoids the phenomenon of stress breaking the welding point due to thermal expansion. Increase the life of the heat insulation board and improve the reliability. The simple installation method reduces the cost of the exhaust pipe.
2. Dust cover for automobile drive shaft. Stainless steel cable tie products have the advantage of not being limited by size, which reduces the inventory built up due to different sizes for the industry producing drive shafts. The simple structure and high reliable strength provide good performance for the dust cover of the drive shaft.
3. Brake bus. The stainless steel cable tie products ensure the reliability of the automobile brake bus with its unique coated stainless steel cable tie. At the same time, the surface of the busbar is protected from damage.
4. airbag. In the fixing of automobile airbags, the reliable performance of the airbags is guaranteed.
5. Used in automobile water inlet and outlet pipes and air pipes, the stainless steel cable tie guarantees the sealing, safety and reliability of the pipe with its good tightness.

The superiority of stainless steel cable tie products in municipal and signal signs:
1. Not limited by the surface shape and size of the object to be strapped;
2. Good fastening performance ensures the stability and safety of the sign;
3. Simple structure and high-strength strapping reduce the cost of municipal administration;
4. The selection of stainless steel materials beautify the environment and the municipal administration;
Stainless steel cable ties are widely used in various fields of industry. Industrial cables, industrial pipelines, industrial signs, industrial water towers and many other aspects have good performance.
1. Stainless steel cable tie products provide products of 304SS, 201SS, 316SS, 317L, Monel and other materials to ensure the special requirements of industry for anti-corrosion and fire protection;
2. The high-strength fastening performance ensures the safety of industrial production;
3. The simple installation method provides convenience for industrial installation, improves work efficiency, and provides Protection for emergency handling.
4. The stainless steel cable tie with fire-proof and anti-corrosion coating ensures the safety of industrial cables. Contributed to

Advocating safe production and protecting the environment
Stainless steel cable tie products show a strong advantage in the pipeline industry.
1. Can bundle pipes of any diameter;
2. The unique buckle design has good sealing at the buckle position, ensuring the balance of stress in the entire loop of the ties;
3. The size of the prefabricated pipe clamp improves the efficiency of pipeline installation;
4. Reduce the inventory of pipe clamps, prefabricated pipe clamps can bundle any pipe smaller than its size;
5. The high-efficiency electric tools and pneumatic tools, and the adjustable tension design ensure the tightness and stability of the installation.

It is widely used in the fastening of indoor communication cables and outdoor communication cables.
1. The stainless steel cable tie guarantees the safety of the communication cable with its good tightness;
2. The unique stainless steel cable tie reserves the space for thermal expansion of the cable, which ensures reliable tightness and at the same time ensures that the surface is not scratched;
3. The unique and patented surface fireproof coating design ensures the fireproof and safety performance of the cable.

For special requirements in the aviation field, stainless steel cable ties have outstanding performance.
1. Reliable stainless steel cable tie ties ensure the safety of aircraft cables in harsh environments;
2. The selection of fireproof materials meets the requirements of the aviation industry;
3. The special patented cable protection design guarantees the cable surface while ensuring the cable is fastened;
4. Stainless steel cable ties play a good advantage in aviation oil pipelines and air pipelines.

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