Analysis of the pros and cons of stainless steel cable ties for street signs
1. Better security
Compared with fixed bolts, it will not rust. At the same time, it can provide detailed scientific data and have quality assurance to prevent rusty bolts from causing road signs to fall. At the same time, it helps prevent certain construction units from using inferior materials intentionally or unintentionally. Cause safety hazards.
2. Standardization and aesthetics
It can be large or small when lashing, and it is close to the working surface, and the appearance is beautiful and generous, which better meets the standards of Shenzhen to build an international garden city. Reduce the number of fixing methods used by the construction unit, so that the construction unit can move closer to standardization and generalization.
3. Reduce daily workload
In the event of a typhoon or heavy rain, there is no need to frequently check whether the bolts are rusted and cause safety hazards. One-time lashing can benefit permanently, reducing the replacement of accessories and eliminating the need for anti-rust paint.
4. Long-term economic benefits are better
In the short term, the unit cost is higher than the existing fixing method, but in the long term it is not the case, because it will benefit from one-time lashing, reducing the amount of work inspection, reducing the regular replacement of other accessories, avoiding regular application of anti-corrosive paint, and reducing the miscellaneous accessories. Many problems. Indirectly saves costs.
5. Stronger anti-theft
Compared with other fixing methods, it takes more tools and time to steal street signs, which is not conducive to theft.
6. Conducive to the convenience of inspection by the traffic control department
There are few lashing accessories, convenient lashing, no additional investment in fixed equipment is required, and the traffic control department can have a wider range when selecting the construction unit. During inspection work, reduce the deviation caused by eye inspection. The lashing of this product is referenced by scientific data, and it is not necessary to calculate whether different fixing methods are safe, which is convenient for work inspection and guidance.

Post time: Mar-29-2021