Stainless steel cable ties (dibbling) can be used indoors and outdoors. According to the place of use, it can be flexibly strapped and can be easily installed by hand. Anti-aging, anti-corrosion, ultraviolet ray, tightness. Complete specifications.
Products are widely used in telecommunications, electric power, petroleum, chemical, shipyards, bridges, power stations, power equipment, mechanical equipment, paper mills, fire protection and other pipeline binding and fixing, or other places that need to be bound and fixed.
Stainless steel strapping/stainless steel cable tie/stainless steel taping are divided into hard state and soft state. Mainly produce 201 and 304 series, which have passed GBT standards.
Product features:
1. Not easy to rust, high tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance;
2. Pure color, make the package beautiful;
3. Anti-aging, long use time;
4. It can maintain good performance under harsh conditions.
Scope of use:
It is mainly suitable for various engineering packaging, poles, marine, power stations, docks, bridges, equipment, etc., and also suitable for stainless steel decorative pipes and auto parts industries.
How to use plastic-sprayed stainless steel reel:
1. Disassemble the end of the tape 2-3CM near the bottom of the buckle;
2. Pass the tape around the object that needs to be tied and pass through the buckle;
3. Pass the tape horizontally through the knife edge of the belt tightening machine and the pressing part, and tighten the belt mouth at the same time;
4. Hold the buckle and rotate the handle to tighten the ties;
5. After tightening, bend the tape and the tape tightening machine upwards more than 90 degrees to prevent the tape buckle from pulling back.
Storage method of stainless steel:
1. When storing the plastic-sprayed stainless steel tape, the transporter should wear professional gloves to ensure the surface is clean. At the same time, in order to avoid surface scratches, it is best to use special stainless steel cable ties to protect the equipment.
2. When storing, you also need to pay attention to the environment, such as removing moisture, dust, oil, lubricating oil and other factors as much as possible, otherwise it will cause rust on the surface, or poor welding corrosion resistance.
3. When moisture is immersed between the film and the plastic-sprayed stainless steel tape substrate, the corrosion rate will be faster than when there is no film. Store in a clean, dry and ventilated place. Keep the original packaging condition. Avoid direct light to the coated stainless steel tape. The film should be checked periodically. If the film deteriorates (film life: 6 months), it should be immediately Replace, if the packing material is soaked when adding the pad, the pad should be removed immediately to prevent surface corrosion.

Post time: Oct-10-2020