Plastic-sprayed stainless steel cable ties are mostly used to bind wires and cables in the suburbs. This requires that the cable ties must have excellent corrosion resistance to ensure that the physical properties are stable and not easy to produce under the conditions of frequent changes in the field temperature. Rust appearance. The plastic-sprayed stainless steel cable tie uses plastic-sprayed technology to stabilize the corrosion resistance and insulation characteristics of the cable tie.
The spraying technology is completely free of air pollutants during production and processing, and does not harm the body and the natural environment. The coating appearance quality is excellent and the adhesion can be extremely strong, and the spray paint has a short fixed time period, and the actual operation is convenient; After spray coating, the function of wear resistance and corrosion resistance has been greatly improved, even if it is placed outdoors, it will not produce corrosion appearance; the cost of spraying technology is significantly less than that of spraying. The requirements for actual operation staff are not high. Simple construction ; During the whole process of spraying, it is not easy to occur the flow appearance that is common in spraying technology; after spraying, the surface layer is transformed into a uniform and uneven dark gray phosphate treatment film that is not easy to rust, which can not only prevent rust treatment but also add The adhesion of the spray layer.
The application of plastic spraying technology can more stabilize the organic chemical reliability of the stainless steel cable tie and make it not easy to rust. And can clean up the appearance at a certain level.


Post time: Apr-26-2021