On a ship sailing ship, all in a full range of accessories, so convenient for safe navigation. The ship’s many accessories, including stainless steel Marine cable tie, although only a small, small accessories, is the ship safety an important parts on the voyage. Why to say the importance of this seemingly small parts to ship? Let’s talk:
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As is known to all, in the eastern coastal areas in China, many ports, with the development of international trade, the ship’s utilization rate is very high, which makes Marine stainless steel tie utilization rate greatly increased, can say no is a ship without. Through the use of Marine stainless steel cable tie, can let the ship sailing safer, because this small parts can be used to bind, reinforcement, fixed.
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On the voyage, the weight of the ship itself is too heavy, was shaking because of the vagaries of the weather. If this time no Marine stainless steel cable tie can ship the parts on the original position, lead to ship parts become loose even blown on the run, this will give ship sailing dangerous, but if there is a Marine stainless steel cable tie, then can make relevant accessories, from the wind and rain, let the smooth sailing of the ship.
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On the market most of the Marine cable tie with stainless steel 304 l stainless steel, 316 l stainless steel and other two low carbon austenitic stainless steel. Why use stainless steel material? Or low carbon austenitic stainless steel?
We all know that the stainless steel has anti-aging, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistant, not easy to rust, and so on merits, and 304 l stainless steel and 316 l stainless steel can bring the corrosion resistance of the Marine environment medium chlorine ion (medium), also easy to processing molding, there won’t be intercrystalline corrosion after welding brings hidden trouble. So we chose 304 l stainless steel and 316 l stainless steel Marine cable tie is very appropriate

So many advantages are set in the Marine stainless steel with, plus the strapping convenient, tight binding force, thus not only the scope of its use in the ship, can also be used in petrochemical, oil platform, building, transportation, piping, heat preservation, wire and cable, cable bridge, communication equipment, signage, agriculture, transport, machinery manufacturing, electric power, electrical appliances, industrial manufacturing, medical equipment, power plant, dairy plants, chemical industry, aircraft, railway, high-speed railway, subway, automobile industry and other fields.

Post time: Oct-10-2020