Power Engineering
It is widely used in power engineering and its power supply and distribution system. Its advantages are mainly manifested in: 1. Stainless steel cable ties products are not limited by the appearance and specifications of the tied objects; 2. The simple buckle structure simplifies the diversity of traditional hoop; 3. 3. Excellent tightening characteristics ensure the safety of the tied objects; 4. Stainless steel cable ties are corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant raw materials to ensure the beauty of the natural environment and fire safety regulations;
Stainless steel cable ties are widely used in all walks of life in industry. Industrial cables, industrial pipelines, industrial identification plates, industrial cooling towers and other aspects have excellent main performance. 1. Stainless steel cable tie products show 304s shop S, 201SS, 316SS and other products with a variety of raw materials to ensure the special requirements of industry anti-corrosion and fire safety; 2. The tightening characteristics of high toughness ensure the safe production of the industry; 3. The simple installation method provides convenience for industrial installation, improves work efficiency, and ensures the solution of emergency situations. 4. The stainless steel cable tie with fire-resistant, anti-corrosion coating ensures the safety of industrial cables. It has made contributions to promote production safety and protect the ecological environment.
Pipes and stainless steel cable tie products mainly show strong advantages in the field of pipes. 1. Able to bind pipes of all diameters; 2. The unique design of the buckle has excellent airtightness at the buckle part, ensuring the balance of the ground stress in the entire circle of the cable tie.
Tightening of communication optical cables in rooms and outdoor communication optical cables are commonly used. 1. The stainless steel cable tie guarantees the safety of the communication optical cable with its excellent tightening performance; 2. The distinctive stainless steel cable tie, pre-embedded with cables in the heated and deformed indoor space, not only ensures reliable tightening, but also ensures that the surface is not scratched; 3. The unique patented surface fireproof material design scheme ensures the fire safety and safety factor of the cable.
The special requirements of airlines in the airline industry, stainless steel cable tie products have a prominent main performance. 1. Reliable stainless steel cable ties and cable ties ensure the safety of airport cables in extreme natural environments; 2. The use of flame-retardant materials meets the requirements of the airline industry;  3. The unique patented maintenance cable design scheme ensures that the cable is tightened and the surface of the cable is guaranteed; 4. Stainless steel cable ties give full play to their excellent advantages in airline oil pipelines and gas pipelines.

Post time: Apr-26-2021